Voodoo Blues Bar in New Orleans, Louisiana


I took this picture of the Voodoo Blues Bar in New Orleans – just outside as we were passing by. I liked the look of the sign. I’ve never been inside the Voodoo Blues, so that should give you an idea of shallow waters you’re in!

So shallow, in fact, that I insist on pointing out the boobie t-shirt in the lower right-hand corner of this photo.

Here’s my response to the boobie t-shirt wearers:

OK? I get it. Boobs! They’re awesome and guess what else, you can put ’em on a t-shirt, too. Nice. OK? You can be so bold! That’s allowed! Hey…freedom of speech and all that. It’s for real!

Just one thing. I’d sure hate to be any kind of a whiner because we all hate whiners, right? Yeah, so no whining going on here.

What’s left is the plain and simple truth. That’s a tacky t-shirt and I’m sick of seeing it in every other store window in the French District.

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