No Wonder It’s So Easy to Feel Unsafe

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All we need to do is look around at the colder elements of nature and it suddenly makes sense that we feel unsafe so much of the time.

Why? Because nature is always there, uncompromising in it’s course of action. And….uh oh…it doesn’t care about you.

Yesterday we flew back from London to Los Angeles. I took the above picture of the Northern Canadian ice fields as we flew over them. Of course, I imagined being planted down there by myself. Just me and my sneakers, dropped off somewhere near that icy ridge.

Would those ice fields suddenly care that a suddenly vulnerable human being was about to expire in the snow? Nope. Nature just does its thing, doesn’t it? It doesn’t care that you feel unsafe.

I’d sit there trying to figure out what to do. Should try to walk out? In which direction? Or should I stay put, conserve energy and hope to be discovered by rescuers? Hell if I know but I kinda think no matter what, I’d be a goner.

And Mother Nature wouldn’t shed a tear.

I often reflect on what author Louis L’Amour said about modern civilization, claiming it is a thin veil holding back nature and that if a few thing went wrong, like losing power, water, etc….we’d all be ill-equipped to survive.

Maybe this scenario is one of those unspoken truths that silently wears on our soul? Or not.

Seems like seekers of enlightenment would live in touch with nature, not living in fear, but respect for it.