Armed America – Photos of Gun Owners in Their Homes

Kyle Cassidy traveled fifteen-thousand miles over a period of two years, photographing Americans in their homes and asking only one question: “Why do you own a gun?”

A really good question, especially since most of these gun ownerships are not easily defensible with the notion of self-defence and their true place should be somewhere in the Armed Forces. All the photo were later compiled in the book with its German edition being published this year. The pics below are taken from the latter. As pointed out by Alan Cooperman from The Washington Post: “Each picture in Armed America could be a pro-gun advertisement – or an anti-gun poster. That’s what makes the book so riveting.” I think these photos are really beautiful and well thought of. Please comment.


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New York City – The Modern Rome

In Roman times, everyone wanted to be in Rome, the city. That was the place to be if you wanted to live in the most exciting place of the empire. If the United States is the modern Roman Empire, then New York City is Rome itself. One of the most famous and populated cities in the world – New York City


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Brand New Google Zurich Office – Real Nice

I want to work for Google. Because they have everything a person ever needs in there and even more. They have massage chairs, slides, pool tables and games, private cabins and much more. Here are some photos from the recently opened Google’s office in Zurich (Switzerland). After seeing these photos, I bet you’ll want to work in a “googleplex” also.


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